Placemaking Events

A Re-Place

Tadaaam! We are almost done • A Re-Place is like a new place!

In the last steps of the workshop, the participants did their best to fine-tune their design solutions, they made some final touches and prepared everything for the presentation and demonstration. Sin

Posted on 22/04/26

A Re-Place

Reuse and recycle • Learning by doing!

Now, after all the thinking process, things just need to be done!   Students have tackled the tasks and started moulding the materials. Through such hands-on work, we were all engaged in ac

Posted on 22/04/25

A Re-Place

Rethinking the design • Planning phase

There are plenty of materials on the site to be reused. But how? Students and mentors, guest and visitors have put their heads together and shared their creative thoughts, pondering the diverse ideas

Posted on 22/04/24

A Re-Place

Yay! • Finally, we go ahead with the work on-site!

After sharing our knowledge and experiences in the lecture rooms, tackling the reuse concepts, by also broadening our horizons in sustainable design, now finally (!) we’ve got to the site. Hands

Posted on 22/04/23

A Visionary Place in Bologna

Our Parklet presented in the Places for Good podcast from New Zealand

The design idea, implementation and management of City Space Architecture's Parklet in Bologna was discussed by Luisa Bravo during an interview in the podcast Places for Good, promoted and managed

Posted on 22/04/05

A Re-Place

Guest lecture: 'Three projects' by Tobias Putrih and Aleš Korpič

We continue with the guest lectures in “A Re-Place” workshop and cycle. This time we listened live and also over zoom, to a very interesting lecture held by To bias Putrih and his associat

Posted on 22/04/02

A Re-Place

Guest lecture: 'Crop' by Pedro Jervell

  The first in the series of guest lectures of A Re-Place workshop was a lecture session titled “Crop” held by Pedro Jervell. We dug into the topic of reuse and search of the avail

Posted on 22/03/24

A Visionary Place in Bologna

A social media campaign to support our Parklet and its meaning

In May 2021, City Space Architecture applied to the Municipality of Bologna in order to extend the duration of the parklet for additional two months, ending on July 31. Local residents and city visito

Posted on 22/01/17

A Visionary Place in Bologna

What we have learned from our Parklet in Bologna

In 2020 City Space Architecture implemented a parklet in front of its operational headquarters in the Porto-Saragozza neighbourhood, in order to promote community engagement and create cross-disciplin

Posted on 22/01/17

A Seedling Place

ASeedlingPlace* Digital Repository

Urban Gorillas have launched, a Digital Planting Repository called ASeedlingPlace*! ASeedlingPlace* inspires to create a digital community of urban visionaries that aim to positively transform thei

Posted on 21/12/03

A Visionary Place in Bologna

The Finnish artist Nina Backman visiting our Parklet

On July 21, 2021 the Finnish artist Nina Backman visited our parklet in Bologna and gave a lecture at City Space Architecture's headquarters on her Silence Project. Nina has recenly curated, as p

Posted on 21/07/26

A Delicious Place

Community Dinners

Within the framework of A Delicious Place activity and the celebration of different notions of food, Urban Gorillas have collaborated with the local cultural space in Kaimakli, Thalami for the organis

Posted on 21/04/01