Placemaking Events

A Place of Our Own: Open Mural

Open Mural: Pre-Engagement

 This is the phase is meant to start in-house, where only the students and the residents get a chance to participate in an art session or workshop, we will facilitate one week of this sessions an

Posted on 21/11/05

A Seedling Place

Venice Biennale

ASeedlingPlace in the Venice Biennale, is inspired by an installation of thea structure Kaimakli Gardens that was fabricated and installed in September 2020 in Kaimakli, Nicosia within the framework o

Posted on 21/10/19

A Visionary Place in Bologna

Artistic performance in the Parklet of Bologna

On November 5th at 18:00, the parklet hosted live music and dance performance by StaMurga, a young artist group. “Murga” is a form of street theatre that combines percussion music with dan

Posted on 21/01/13

A Calm Place in Schaerbeek (Brussels)

ACalmPlace event during Living Reine : Sensory Walk

The sensory walk was developed by the urban collective OURB and guided by KU Leuven alumni, and local artist Desislava Petkova. The goal of the walk was to

Posted on 20/12/16