Placemaking Events

A Resilient Place


In the fourth year, City Space Architecture successfully engaged residents, community members of different ages, cultural backgrounds, and interests, alongside researchers, scholars, local and regiona

Posted on 23/12/13

A Resilient Place

Exhibition “European Prize for Urban Public Space”

In May 2023, City Space Architecture strengthened its ongoing cooperation with the CCCB – Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona with the intention of hosting in Bologna the exhibition of t

Posted on 23/12/13

A Resilient Place

Art event with Yari Miele on the occasion of the Art City White Night

The Italian artist Yari Miele created a site-specific installation at City Space Architecture headquarters and the biodiversity public garden for the Art City White Night of Arte Fiera. This internati

Posted on 23/12/13

A Resilient Place

Reactions from the residents

The Municipality of Bologna asked City Space Architecture to inform local residents – by sending an email to building administrators - about the contents of the cooperation agreement and to prov

Posted on 23/12/13

A Visionary Place in Bologna

The Finnish artist Nina Backman visiting our Parklet

On July 21, 2021 the Finnish artist Nina Backman visited our parklet in Bologna and gave a lecture at City Space Architecture's headquarters on her Silence Project. Nina has recenly curated, as

Posted on 21/07/26

A Visionary Place in Bologna

Exhibition at the Parklet from a local art collective

On May 29-30, 2021 the parklet hosted, in the late afternoon, the temporary art exhibition U R R U N, promoted by the Mezcla collective, a group of young performers from the Porto-Saragozza neighbourh

Posted on 21/07/25

A Seedling Place

Final Event: Urban Entrepreneurship Workshop

The final event took place at the rooftop terrace of the municipal building of Nicosia on July 9 2021. The project Grandyna which resulted out of the Greening the city workshops was presented in th

Posted on 21/07/09

A Visionary Place in Bologna

First Parklet of Bologna

As a placemaking activity of A Visionary Place, City Space Architecture designed and implemented a parklet in front of its operational headquarters in the Porto-Saragozza neighbourhood. A pa

Posted on 21/01/13

A Delicious Place

Vertical Garden

A Delicious Place is a placemaking activity composed of a series of actions that were hosted at the Pame Kaimakli 2020 festival in Nicosia. The festival's main theme revolved around the topic of f

Posted on 20/11/19

A Hidden Place in Ljubljana

What is a place, who is it “making” and what is placemaking?

On our second meeting of the workshop (Zoom meeting due to Covid19), participating students were delivered a lecture by the artistic mentors of the ProstoRož. The lecture systematically covered notion

Posted on 20/03/22