Placemaking Events

A Re-Place

Reuse and recycle • Learning by doing!

Now, after all the thinking process, things just need to be done!   Students have tackled the tasks and started moulding the materials. Through such hands-on work, we were all engaged in ac

Posted on 22/04/25

A Visionary Place in Bologna

A social media campaign to support our Parklet and its meaning

In May 2021, City Space Architecture applied to the Municipality of Bologna in order to extend the duration of the parklet for additional two months, ending on July 31. Local residents and city visito

Posted on 22/01/17

A Weaved Place in L’Hospitalet (Barcelona)

Mapping and constructing places

This sequence of activities was carried out between April and November 2021. The aim was to involve pupils from different educational levels in a learning process about the sense of place in public sp

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Posted on 21/12/19

A Weaved Place in L’Hospitalet (Barcelona)

Signifying the territory: Video

SDR students produced a video on a topic they found relevant in their previous photographic survey: the history of a place, an artistic intervention in the city, how people use a particular public spa

Posted on 21/12/13

A Future Place in Lisbon

The virtual exhibition 'Neighbourhood Through My Lens'

The virtual exhibition "Neighbourhood Through My Lens" includes the works of the participants of the Photography Workshop held within the scope of the activity "My Neighbourhood... My P

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Posted on 21/11/25

A Weaved Place in L’Hospitalet (Barcelona)

Mapping the territory: Photographic survey

Third-year students of the subject Systems of Representation (SDR) carried out a photographic survey of the cityscape. The work was carried out in three stages:   1. Photographing L'H.

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Posted on 21/11/19

A Weaved Place in L’Hospitalet (Barcelona)

Urban walk in La Florida neighbourhood

On June 22, 2021, we organized an urban walk through the neighbourhood of La Florida. in collaboration with members of the Espai Jove Sidecar, a community initiative to prevent the risk of social

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Posted on 21/11/17

A Seedling Place

Greening the city workshops

In the framework of the Urban Entrepreneurship summer workshop organised by Urban Gorillas and the Centre for Entrepreneurship of the Cyprus University two afternoon workshops were dedicated to develo

Posted on 21/10/19

A Happy Place: Dardaar


On Wednesday 29.9.2021 an inauguration of the Phase 1 of the project took place on the Pieremans Playground. Under the lead of Chloé Saelens the team finished the first part of the painting on

Posted on 21/09/29

A Future Place in Lisbon

Soiree “My Neighbourhood... my Place”: Poetry and Fado in A Future Place

NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Nova University Lisbon, the Nova Institute of Philosophy, AMIGLuz Association, and the A-PLACE Project announce a Soiree to present the winners of the co

Posted on 21/09/25

A Visionary Place in Bologna

Exhibition at the Parklet from a local art collective

On May 29-30, 2021 the parklet hosted, in the late afternoon, the temporary art exhibition U R R U N, promoted by the Mezcla collective, a group of young performers from the Porto-Saragozza neighbourh

Posted on 21/07/25

A Happy Place: Dardaar


Within the framework of the transformation of the Pieremans playground, Alive Architecture in collaboration with BRAVVO organized four workshops throughout June 2021 to test the ideas observed during

Posted on 21/07/07