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Morgane Gloux

Morgane Gloux is architect, urban designer and illustrator. She discovered urbanism and cartography through her studies at the Nantes School of Architecture (France) and at the Institut d'Urbanisme de Grenoble (France). Since then, cartography is a practice she explores through her work as an architect-urbanist and which requires different skills: analysis, synthesis, dialogue between actors, precision in the drawing etc. At the same time, her various travels are an opportunity for her to observe different social practices in the public space but also to practice drawing and imaginary or subjective cartography.This professional and personal journey gave birth to Les Cartes Narratives project.


'Les Cartes Narratives' are hand-illustrated cards that tell stories about a place - a street, a neighborhood, a city - for a day, a week or a year. They are illustrated in the form of axonometric plans with proportions and scales open to interpretation, revealing characteristics, key places, anecdotes, atmospheres and the identity of a place.They reflect the personal feelings and the own experiences of the illustrator, residents and individuals, and allow encounters, spaces and stories to be remembered. 'Les Cartes Narratives' are a tool for communication, discussion and reflection on a territory.


The artwork 'Leur Route de Vannes' (or Carte Narrative de la Route de Vannes) received one of the ‘A-Place Mapping Artwork Contest Audience Award’ in 2021. This project aims to revalue the history of this major Nantes commercial sector, by collecting historical data by settling around the table historian, sociologist, former tradespeople... and co-construct the story of this route. An interactive platform has been created for the occasion.


Winner of an Audience Award in the A-Place Mapping Artwork Contest 2021

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