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LOOP, Urban Visions and Pame Kaimakli festivals 2020

This document contains a summary of the activities carried out during the first year of the project in the three festivals that are participating in A-Place: LOOP Barcelona; Urban Visions, in Bologna, and Pame Kaimakli, in Nicosia. It contains a description of the audiovisual productions and the activities generated around them which included competitions, screenings, and debates.

The three festivals aim to develop knowledge-sharing between people and places through the production of films, and to promote intercultural dialogues and create cross-disciplinary learning spaces, while attracting the interest and participation of film-makers in the process of creative placemaking, as part of public space research and practice.

Media Productions (Photographs & Videos):


Recorded and edited in 2020-2021, TERRApolis is a trilogy dedicated to the city of L’Hospitale

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Posted on December 23, 2020

Other files:


Ruben Verdu


Barcelona (Spain)

Ruben Verdu is an artist, researcher and writer dealing with issues related to contemporary art. He ...

Veronika Antoniou


Nicosia (Cyprus)

Veronika is the co-founder and managing director of Urban Gorillas, a Nicosia-based NGO focused...

Luisa Bravo


Bologna (Italy)

Luisa Bravo is a global academic scholar and educator, cultural entrepreneur and public space activi...

Teresa Tourvas


Nicosia (Cyprus)

Teresa completed her Graduate studies in Architecture at MIT and her Bachelors at Nottingham Trent U...