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Open Call for Pame Kaimakli Festival

The organisers of Pame Kaimakli (residents of the neighborhood and the NGO Urban Gorillas) are calling for projects, workshops or other creative practices that aim to engage the Kaimakli residents into artistic and socio-cultural activities during the period January 2020-June 2020.

We are looking for imaginative ideas that embrace co-creation and celebrate the diversity of different cultures that are present in Kaimakli. If you have ideas of transforming spaces in your neighborhood, working with your community or with other communities, running a cultural activity, or any other visions that aim to help community building, we can support! Activities involving women, teenagers, migrants and the elderly of the area are particularly welcome.

Proposal for Main Theme:
Food as an explorative tool to investigate, define and present the different relationships that arise and connect food, people and places. Food becomes the means for communities and artists to explore one’s and other cultures, to recall distant memories and to connect with one another. ‘Food’ may include production, exchange, trade, collection, preparation, consumption as well as its intangible aspects such as personal, social and artistic dimensions. It can be also thought as a tool for exchange and connecting the small neighborhood to the global scene.


The organizers will provide:
- Assistance in developing and realising your idea, if needed.
- Financial assistance: 500 - 600 euro per accepted proposal.
- Assistance in finding spaces if required
- Technical assistance: in case materials are needed for the realization of the proposal
- Opportunity to present/exhibit the project during the Pame Kaimakli 2020 festival and in other local and European platforms.

Please Submit your Proposal in Greek or English stating clearly:

a. Project Description (max 500 words)
b. Target audience you wish to work together with
c. Timeline of the planned project
D. A short bio (max 300 words)