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Mapping Artwork Contest 2021. Winners announced

We are happy to announce the winners A-Place Mapping Artwork Contest 2021. The winners of the Audience awards and Jury selection awards are:


Audience Awards

We have received 534 votes. The three most voted artworks were:

- “Stray plastic”, by Daan Fontaine with 73 votes

- “La Carte Narrative de la Route de Vannes—‘Leur Route de Vannes’", by Morgane Gloux with 73 votes

- “The other”, by Chelsey Watthy with 136 votes


Jury selection awards

Third prize:

-“Back to the Future of Public Space: Postcards from 2020”, by Rhizoma Design and Research Lab

Second prize:

- “Natura Instable Desirably Obscura”, by Fernando Velázquez First Prize:

- “La Torrassa Florida”, by La Gloria Factoría de Arte


Congratulations to all the winners!! Thank you all for your participation! The next Mapping competition will take place in spring 2022. We will announce in the following months. Stay tuned with A-Place!!