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Special event / exhibition and screenings

Festival Event


From 11 November 2021 to 14 November 2021


Bologna (Italy)


28 November 2021



The second edition of the Film Festival Urban Visions included several activities, with the engagement of artists and international scholars.

In regard of the theme “A-Place/Migrants, refugees and displaced communities”, City Space Architecture organized the film exhibition of “ICRONIC” by Pietro Alex Marra at the City Space Architecture's artistic headquarters Museo Spazio Pubblico on the narrative of the migration crisis through the contemporary world of social media.


In addition, City Space Architecture organized in-presence screenings of a selection of films from the two A-Place competitions every evening during the days of the festival at Museo Spazio Pubblico. Young students of the Accademia Belle Arti Bologna attended these screenings.




ICRONIC is located within a cross-sector research area. A visual clash of different conception for the topics covered, beyond the medium and the geo-political location, a tool used in a desecrating way. Irony is never an end in itself, often used as a critique between the small world of the individual and the modus operandi of a culture.
The bodies of people move and move, crossing spaces to reach goals offering them the possibility of reshaping the understanding of identities, in the non-sense of belonging within the freedom of the Mediterranean, starting not from the lands, but from its waters. The project will touch different visions and realities, reconnecting in a narrative way to the contemporary world of social media.

Contemporary theme with video found footage | 2021



Accademia Belle Arti Bologna - https://www.ababo.it

Museo Spazio Pubblico - https://www.museospaziopubblico.it/


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