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Following Kaimakli footsteps

Festival Event


From 1 July 2023 to 30 September 2023


Nicosia (Cyprus)


5 December 2023



During the festival, a pop-up cinema space was set up in an abandoned shop in the neighborhood to showcase the four Video Interview Stories, a collaborative effort with the informal group People of Cyprus. These video interviews primarily featured the captivating narratives of Kaimakli residents, serving as the foundation for the moving walking theatrical performance, "Following the footsteps of Kaimakli." These video stories aimed to unveil the essence of Kaimakli's vibrant community, transcending mere tales to become symbolic landmarks within the neighborhood's collective consciousness.

This project took shape in two distinct formats: firstly, a physical walk during the festival allowed participants to immerse themselves in Kaimakli's living history, and secondly, a digital component enabled visitors to experience these stories projected within neighborhood spaces. This digital approach expanded the reach of these narratives, fostering connections with individuals both within and beyond the community, enabling them to hear, relive, and virtually incorporate these stories into their homes through technology.

To further enrich this initiative, these stories were transcribed, translated into English, and made accessible for viewing on YouTube and our partner channels.

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