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Podcast series launch

Placemaking Event


4 May 2023


Brussels (Belgium)


14 December 2023



“A-Just Radio” was developed as a collaboration with the Ten Thirty Collective. (1030c) The collective is an activist group of architecture students, educators, and practitioners. Central to this platform is the collectively developed manifesto, a trigger for (future) activist collaborations.  Various mediums were used to effectively convey this message: insights from earlier micro-actions for APlace helped setting up a hybrid constellation of complementary tools for activist mobilisation.


The collective took it to Instagram, crafting their own posts to announce the launch of their website and disseminate information about A-Just Radio. Simultaneously, they designed posters, which they strategically displayed across the campus. In addition to their digital and print efforts, the Ten Thirty Collective established a visible presence at the forefront of the school's lobby. The collective has set up a dedicated table where they engaged with fellow students, initiating discussions and sharing the collective's endeavors.


This physical presence provided an avenue for direct communication and a platform to promote the initiatives of the Ten Thirty Collective. In the 2022-23 academic year, the collective launched a podcast series discussing pressing issues in architectural education, and explicitly involving international students. This initiative not only addressed challenges in architectural education but also broader higher education issues. The collective aims to innovate knowledge exchange, favoring horizontal structures and emphasizing friendship, open discussions, and care ethics.  As such, A-just Radio grew into a shared space and learning platform, where we invited people for interviews, e.g. students and faculty members, as well as students from various EU universities.


These interviews were edited, archived, and shared on the Rss.com radio platform. The 1030c collective was enabled to assume responsibility for disseminating the information necessary to support their ongoing practice   i 



Other files:


Interview with the former vice-dean of education


30 students, administration, and staff from KU Leuven