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Performing A SOUND PLACE in Lisbon

Placemaking Event


From 1 October 2020 to 1 November 2020


Lisbon (Portugal)


1 November 2020



Reflecting on “Performing A Sound Place” in Lisbon - A (travelling) Sound Place -  Miguel Rocha (Cello), Adriano Aguiar (Double Bass), Jaime Reis (Composer) and Henrique Portovedo (Saxophone) reflect on their experiences of performing the pieces in a hybrid space (physical space in Mouraria Innovation Centre and streaming on  YouTube channel). “A Sound Place” in Lisbon was created intentionally for A-Place Project having in mind an audience that, probably, due to the pandemic condition, it would be, finally, very scarce in the place. However, art has this ability to persist in space and time, and artists projected their expectations in a possible perception of these musical pieces, in an imaginary dimension (created from the virtual concert, for example) or in the near future, in presence.


Performing A SOUND PLACE in Lisbon

Other files:


Jaime Reis, composer and composition professor at Lisbon School of Music

Miguel Rocha, cello (duo Contracello)

Adriano Aguiar, doublebass (duo Contracello)

Henrique Portovedo, saxophone