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A-PLACE: Place-making through body moves

Festival Event


16 November 2021


Barcelona (Spain)


23 February 2022



Arash Fayez led a conversation about the role of music in forming a sense of belonging to a location, which is the main concern of his work I can only dance to one song. This work portrays accounts of displacement rooted in the experience of migrants through sound and movement. It looks at the crucial role that these forms of cultural production have for migrants to keep their roots and origins alive while living in a new and often unfamiliar context. Thus, several questions are raised:  How to stay connected to one's roots while using a language that can be understood in all the world (such as dance)? How can cultural exchange, rather than complete assimilation, be a strategy for staying connected to one's origins while living in a new environment? What is the role of music and the body as cultural vectors in a displacement situation?

Media Productions (Photographs & Videos):

I Can Only Dance to One Song

I Can Only Dance to One Song explores the role of music in forming a sense of belonging to a locatio

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Posted on November 25, 2021





Adrian Schindler (artist), Cecilia Bengolea (artist) and Violeta Ospina (artist).
Moderator: Arash Fayez (artist)