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Within the framework of the transformation of the Pieremans playground, Alive Architecture in collaboration with BRAVVO organized four workshops throughout June 2021 to test the ideas observed during

Posted on 21/07/07


Within the framework of A Happy Place activity and the transformation of the Pieremans playground, Alive Architecture in collaboration with BRAVVO organized four workshops throughout April 2021 to co-

Posted on 21/05/06

Brussels is a vibrant city of “super-diverse” citizens from different cultures and social backgrounds. One of its most historical but also popular neighbourhoods is the so-called “Marolles”. The district has always welcomed the most disadvantaged inhabitants of the capital but also those who aspire to freedom and art. It is a neighbourhood where the first citizen movement fought for a respectful renovation of the urban and social fabric. One third of the dwellings in the Marolles are social housings.

Through the action plan “Contrat de quartier durable Marolles”, that aims to improve the living environment in the neighborhood, (https://www.bruxelles.be/marolles) the city of Brussels launched a call for the socio-economic project ‘Valorisation of the Public Spaces’ in the open space of two social housing complexes, both managed by the institution of Brussels Housing (https://logementbruxellois.be/). Alive Architecture in collaboration with BRAVVO, the Prevention Service of the City of Brussels, won this competition. Together they are developing the project in order to allow the inhabitants and other participants to re-appropriate the neglected Pieremans playground and to connect it to the surrounding neighbourhood, including the alleys of the Cité Hellemans.

Within this context Alive Architecture and BRAVVO will co-transform the site into a pleasant space where locals can meet and develop a sense of belonging. While in 2021 the focus will be upon co-design and testing ideas, in 2022 the team will co-produce a lasting transformation of the space together with the participants.


Given the protected character of Cité Hellemans (it is part of a historical heritage), the focus of the project will mainly be upon the Pieremans playground. On that site Alive Architecture and BRAVVO organize in total 18 events between April 2021 and September 2022.

In April 2021 four events aimed to reveal interests and desires from the participants. On Wednesday 14.04.2021 the team engaged with passer’s-by to build confidence. Together with the participants they discussed and noted problematics and ideas for the site with post-it’s on a model of the site. During the second event on Wednesday 21.04.2021 the findings led to a set of objects that were positioned and discussed on the model while participants and organizers were drawing games with chalk onto the open space. The findings of both events led to images of ideas that participants voted upon during the third event on 28.4.2021. During the fourth event on Wednesday 05.05.2021 the team engaged with the participants to discuss final possibilities of the transformations for the site.

The findings of these four events are discussed among Alive Architecture and BRAVVO at the moment of writing. The realization of one or several findings will be tested during four events on Wednesday’s afternoons in June 2021 (02.06.2021, 09.06.2021, 16.06.2021 and 23.6.2021). Alternatively to testing it might be that one proposal will already be co-produced by Alive Architecture, BRAVVO and the participants. This first phase of the project will be inaugurated during an event in September 2021.

In 2022 the project will continue with four events in April and four events in June with the aim to generate a durational socio-spatial impact upon the Pieremans playground. The overall project will be inaugurated in September 2022.


In accordance with the objectives of the A-Place project, the purpose of the planned activities is:

To develop and apply creative placemaking practices which will allow for the reappropriation of the Pieremans playground and the streets of Cité Hellemans. A process of co-design and co-production will allow participants to generate a feeling of belonging. As such the creativity will have a role throughout the process as well as in the output that aims to change the image of the site from an underused space into a user-friendly space with a specific focus on children and their parents.

The activity enhances intercultural dialogue between inhabitants, more specifically of the children, their parents and the young population inhabiting the social housing complexes. The team intends to co-construct the interventions for the children together with them but also with the young population of the district. This approach will hopefully generate encounter and respect between both and as such transform the playground during the process into a space of encounter among people from different generations.

The activity aims to generate capacity building by involving the children as well as young generation into the socio-urban transformation, first of all during the process of co-design and later the co-construction of the project. Those might be planting on the ground, building bird houses, painting eventual interventions or else.

The activity will contribute to generate links with partners. First of all, AHappyPlace will generate a link on the topic of play that is investigated by the partner Prostoroz through their foreseen activity in Ljubljana in 2021. An additional link might be by dedicating an event to planting and as such connect to the collective socio-spatial activity that is investigated by the partner Urban Guerillas through their approach of placemaking within the A-Place project.

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Contrat de Quartier durable 'Les Marolles' / Duurzame Wijkcontract 'De Marollen': https://www.bruxelles.be/marolles

BRAVVO: https://bravvo.bruxelles.be

Social Housing Institution: https://logementbruxellois.be





If you would like  to have more information about these placemaking activities, please contact: Petra Pferdmenges: petra@alivearchitecture.eu


This project is co-funded by the City of Brussels within the context of the socio-economic activities of the Contrat de Quartier durable 'Les Marolles' / Duurzame Wijkcontract 'De Marollen' and co-mananged by BRAVVO, the prevention service of the City of Brussels. For further information please contact: Ghazaleh Haghdad: ghazaleh.haghdad@brucity.be



Institutions: Brussels Housing (Logement Bruxellois / Brussel Woningen)

Brussels Housing Institution is the manager of several social housing blocs within the city of Brussels, including both social housing complexes of the project and the playground itself


Inhabitants: Social housing blocs & more

The project intends to reach the inhabitants of both social housing complexes with a specific attention upon the young population. Involving them actively into the process may improve not only the image of the site but also the respect for this fragile part of inhabitants.