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On the afternoon of June 25, 2022, in the chapel of the Grand Hospice in Brussels, Rosie Romero, our partner at KU Leuven, prepared an activity to reflect on some of the key terms that A-Place deals with and that are listed in the glossary on the website (https://www.a-place.eu/glossary): collective identity, community building, identity of place, sense of belonging,.....


The chapel was the appropriate place to carry out this joint reflection. As the recorded voices of the partners describing the words bounced off the chapel walls, we translated the inspiration we received from them into sentences and drawings on papers. At the end, we explained to each other what we had captured and represented. It was an inspiring example of placemaking. The reflections will remain in the chapel for the next few days, and visitors will be able to add their own thoughts.


To exchange knowledge and experiences about embedding creating activities in the communities, and to systematize this knowledge in the project glossary.

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Rosie Romero (KUL) rosie@ourb.be


- Rosie Romero (KUL)

- Petra Pfermenges (AA)

- Maša Cvetko (ProstoRož)

- Teresa Tourvas (Urban Gorillas)

- Nina Povše (UL)

- Špela Verovšek (UL)

- Victoria Sacco (LOOP)

- Leandro Madrazo (La Salle-URL)