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Local placemaking activities 2021-22

This report is the follow-up of the planning of Deliverables 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 “Planning of local activities 2021-2022”, in so far as it presents the work that has been achieved with regard to the original plans.


The report of each placemaking activity is structured in two parts:

- Part A: Local activities, carried out by each partner at their specific locations.

During the third year, new local activities were introduced, such as "A Re-Place" in Ljubljana, "A Just Place" in Brussels, "A Reconnecting Place" in Lisbon, "A Wishful Place" in Nicosia, "A Playful Place" in Nicosia, and "A Resilient Place" in Bologna. Additionally, existing initiatives from the previous year, such as "A Weaved Place" in L'Hospitalet, Barcelona, "A Happy Place" in Brussels, and "A Seedling Place" were continued.


- Part B: Collaborative activities, carried out online and onsite to foster the exchange of experiences and practices across the disciplines and locations, with the ultimate purpose of creating a network of places.