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Local placemaking activities 2020-21

This report is the follow-up of the planning of Deliverables 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 “Planning of local activities 2020-2021”, in so far as it presents the work that has been achieved with regard to the original plans.


The report is structured in two parts:


- Part A: Local activities, carried out by each partner at their specific locations.


All local activities originally planned have been implemented: “A Weaved Place” in L’Hospitalet, Barcelona and “A Visionary Place” in Bologna have continued the work initiated in 2019-20. “A Happy Place” in Brussels, Italy, “A Pla(y)ce in Lubljana”, “A Just Place” in Brussels, “A Future Place” in Lisbon have been newly implemented.


- Part B: Collaborative activities, carried out online and onsite to foster the exchange of experiences and practices across the disciplines and locations, with the ultimate purpose of creating a network of places.