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La Faille


LA FAILLE is an urban social sculpture of the garden city Kapelleveld in Brussels which was co-produced with the philosophy of working from within the existing socio-spatial context.

Through reintroducing in the heart of the city a garden we work from the existing landscape planning as the project recalls and recreates a relationship to the valley and to nature that was originally set out in the 1920 urban planning of the garden city.

Through reusing the existing materials that we find and collect on the site itself with worked from within the existing physical situation, giving a second life to the existing materials on the site.

Through working with the existing actors on the site - mainly the inhabitants -  to co-design and co-construct a series of urban interventions we produced a process of setting up the urban social sculpture in the garden city Kapelleveld.

The project was financed by SLRB (social housing institution of Brussels), made possible by the programme of the 101é% of the SLRB (artistic department of the social housing institution of Brussels), designed for ABC, co-produced with the team 55 (inhabitants from the cité Jardin) and designed by Alive Architecture and Taktyk.

Link to an external source of the artwork: http://www.alivearchitecture.eu/index.php?/urban-margins/step-by-step/

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