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59.28232, 15.2358



This is a corner just by the entrance door of Örebro art college in Sweden. A simple, ordinary table is standing there for years and sending the same message: " You can take everything put on this table." It also means "If you want to share something, you could put it here." Anything put on this table can be taken by someone. This is a place provides the space to reflect how we think about our behavior of owning things, and how we share in our community. This simple table with the simple concept of sharing changes people's mindset. 

"Something I do not need anymore,
Might be something you are looking for.
Something I do not like anymore,
Might be something you are attracted to.”

The table is just a start, a median. Inspired by this table, people here stop buying new cloth instead of changing cloth regularly. People go out of this place and continue to spread the influence wider, further, and deeper. Sometimes, to change a place, to change something does not need a big, complex project. It matters how a place and the people grow together with the time.


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