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La Carte Narrative de la Route de Vannes - "Leur Route de Vannes" (Nantes, France)


This artwork is a narrative map as part of a project to upgrade the "Route de Vannes", a commercial sector in the city of Nantes. The "Association de la Route de Vannes” has developed an interactive platform reflecting this project. The Narrative Map of the Route de Vannes reveals its historical identity and illustrates the perimeter covered by the shops and businesses on the route. The interactive platform created for the occasion hosts the map and reflects different eras through illustrated frames that go back in time. The Map represents key places, atmospheres, anecdotes, historical buildings in a subjective and interpretative way through research and meetings carried out in parallel. This map has been created between December 2020 and September 2021. Different steps have been necessary to create it :

  • In situ visit
  • Urban, cartographic and historical research, reading interviews
  • Series of workshops with iconographer, sociologist ...
  • Illustration of a map of the current situation and historical frames
  • Posting of illustrations on the interactive platform

Les ‘Cartes Narratives’ are hand-illustrated cards that tell stories about a place - a street, a neighborhood, a city - for a day, a week or a year. They are illustrated in the form of axonometric plans with proportions and scales open to interpretation, revealing characteristics, key places, anecdotes, atmospheres and the identity of a place. They reflect the personal feelings and the own experiences of the illustrator, residents and individuals, and allow encounters, spaces and stories to be remembered. Les Cartes Narratives are a tool for communication, discussion and reflection on a territory. In particular, they make it possible to establish a link between residents and project leaders or designers. They link the different areas of expertise of the illustrator, namely, land use planning, the development of a participatory process and illustration by hand.

Winner of the audience award of the A-Place Mapping contest "Share your artwork" 2021

Link to an external source of the artwork: http://www.routedevannes.com/voyageroutedevannes/

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