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Sophie Thiel & Miriam Kühler

Sophie Thiel and Miriam Kühler are two young planners (Architecture & Landscape Planning) who, in the light of the current Covid19 crisis, have sought a spatial solution to foster social relationships despite physical distancing. Luckily we are not only partners in crime when it comes to creative ideas for the enhancement of the various cities we call home, we also share a life-long friendship. We were both born and raised in Vienna, but have lived in several countries and travelled to many more. These valuable experiences have enabled us to to gain a better understanding of how different realities of living look like in this world. Especially in the current crisis we see that the challenge to revive the public space and to restore trust in social interaction is of global magnitude. We believe our Social Spots concept can help revive and enrich public spaces around the world.


First prize (category #AReimaginedPlace) open call "A Confined Place", 2020.

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