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Pau Faus

Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona (1974)


Filmmaker, visual artist & architect. During his working years as an architect, he grew interest in contemporary art movements such as Situationism, Land-art or Relational aesthetics that made him rediscover architecture and urbanism beyond the academy. From 2009, he exhibited his works, developed projects and taught workshops in numerous local and international art centres. In 2013, the political and social atmosphere in Spain made him change contemporary art for activism. He joined the main Spanish movement against evictions, the PAH (Platform for People Affected by Mortgages). There, he started Comando Video, a collective for social movement’s video communication, with whom he directed the medium-length film ¡SÍ SE PUEDE! SEVEN DAYS AT PAH BARCELONA (2014). Later came ADA FOR MAYOR (2016), his multi-awarded feature-length film debut about an activist that ran for mayor of Barcelona. His second feature film is FAUNA (2023), a science fiction fable about the relationship between humans, animals and science in post-pandemic times.


Pau Faus was the artist-in-residence selected by LOOP Barcelona to create the video work "The Machine and the Flower".

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