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A-Place : MAPPING Contest - Share your experiences of places

A-Place invites you to share with us your experiences with the places where you live or have lived describing it with a photograph and a text.

Participation is open to all.

Closing date for submissions is  June 14, 2021 at 24:00 CET.



Upload your entry to the website  A-Place: Mapping using the form “Share your experience”. The submission should include:

-    Name or nickname.
-    E-mail address (it will not be published).
-    One photograph (or animated gif).
-    A text (in English), describing your experience with the place.
-    Three concepts that summarize the place experience.
-    The hashtag #mappingplacescontest2021

Entries submitted to A-Place: Mapping will be posted in the A-Place Instagram channel.


Jury and selection criteria:
A multidisciplinary international jury, composed of A-Place members and invited critics, will evaluate the submissions taking into account:

-    The uniqueness and originality of the place and of the experience related to it.
-    The personal value and the collective relevance of the experience of the place.
-    The ability of the photograph(s) to capture the characteristics of the place and to evoke the narrated experience.
-    The literary value of the text in itself and in relation to the photograph(s).


First Prize: 200 Euros
Second Prize: 150 Euros
Third Prize: 100 Euros
4 Fourth Prizes: 50 Euros each

Winners will receive an award certificate from A-Place.

The awards will be announced at an online ceremony during July 2021.


If you need more information please contact us at info@a-place.eu

Other files:


Leandro Madrazo


Barcelona (Spain)

A-Place project coordinator, full professor and director of the research group ARC Engineering and A...