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Launching of the student workshop in Ljubljana

Placemaking Event


3 March 2020


Ljubljana (Slovenia)


17 March 2020



At the beginning of March, the foreseen 3-month student workshop has been launched at the Faculty of Architecture (Ljubljana). The goal of the workshop is to initiate the collaboration between the members of the two participating project partners -Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana (UL FA), and ProstoRož- within the context of  “A Hidden Place” placemaking activity.

Curiosity and interest has brought 26 eager students of different levels of the UL FA programmes to attend the weekly sessions of this workshop during three months, from March 3 thru May 16.

Both partners led students through the process of exploring the site and its socio-cultural context, discovering the ties to its past and present-day stories, and revealing its potentials for the future use. After a series of lectures, debates, site visits, intensive masterclasses and interviews taken with the potential users and stakeholders, students were invited to propose a temporal or semi-temporal interventions and/or on-site events to bring attention and interest of wider audiences. This was a first step towards inhabiting this hidden place, making it more inclusive and attractive for the different social and interest groups.

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Špela Verovšek, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana (Spela.Verovsek@fa.uni-lj.si)


Students and members from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana; members of the cultural association ProstoRož