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A Just Radio

Placemaking Event


From 22 April 2022 to 27 May 2022


Brussels (Belgium)


6 February 2023



"A Just Radio" is a series of interviews with architects, students, NGOs and activist working around the questions and thematic raised through the ADJ studio. 


- Episode 1: Interview with SAFE SPACE COLLECTIVE

On this episode we explore the role of radio in architecture as a way to challenge and question the profession. We discuss the journey of 'Safe Space Collective' in the making of their podcast series, a platform for social justice that highlighted many underrepresented narratives without polarising its audience. They leave us with good practices and lessons on how to be sensitive with an activist heart


- Episode 2: Interview with COMMUNA

In this episode "A Just Radio" we investigate he beginnings of Communa, and highlight their sites and their just practices in urbanism around Brussels.

Communa is a non-profit organization that is committed to a more affordable, more democratic, more resilient and more creative city. While temporary occupation is their main tool, they are also developing other concrete proposals to deal with the commodification of urban spaces.




Rosie Romero


KU Leuven students

Civil servants in Brussels