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A-Pla(y)ce in Ljubljana

A-Pla(y)ce in Ljubljana is a placemaking activity cycle, placemaking site and student workshop initiated by the University of Ljubljana and prostoRož, as 2021 follow-up of the 2020 activity cycle.

We establish the location-based continuity and set A-Pla(y)ce in the neighbourhood of the previous year activities, this is Bežigrajski Dvor in Ljubljana. A-Pla(y)ce is situated in the buffer alley between the fenced construction pit and the residential area. The neighbourhood is relatively new, it was built in 1996 on the location of the demolished artillery barracks, which had been occupying this location since the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. To this end, this area has weak ties to past development, it lacks social history and place-based identity.


Placemaking by playmaking

Apla(y)ce primarily address younger population and families with children to engage them in “placemaking by playmaking”. The idea is to rediscover the alley, transform it from the space of transition into a vibrant inclusive playscape, by means of creative practices initiated and introduced through the two-month student work and associated activities.



The activities of the workshop will include an exploratory and enactment phase with students of the Faculty of Architecture and The Academy of Fine Arts and Design Faculty (both University of Ljubljana). The activities are conducted by educational and artistic mentors, creating a learning podium for discussion, and generation of professional and tacit knowledge, by also arranging the dialogue with invited representatives of the local community, guest lecturers and professionals, teachers from the local kindergarten and interested NGO initiatives.

The process established within the framework of a workshop will further encompass an insight into A-pla(y)ce morphologies, its dynamics and its social context. The interested local public will be invited to first express their opinions and expectations about the development of A-pla(y)ce and to further co-create it through the events and physical interventions on-site.


Types of Activities

The work will be carried out throughout the intertwinement of two elementary types of A-place placemaking activities:

- Learning spaces for reflection (learn-place): open lectures, debates and reflections organized in the framework of a workshop by the Faculty of Architecture to discuss the potentials and meanings of place which the different planned interventions/events aim to reveal.

- On-site activities (spot-place): establishing the connection with the local community, “placemaking by playmaking” activities and events will be conducted by prostoRož in the preparation of physical interventions by students, primarily addressing children and youth, their parents/grandparents and kindergarten teachers


In accordance with the objectives of A-Place, the purpose of the planned activities is:


- To develop and apply creative placemaking practices in the course of a student creative workshop which help to reveal the manifold meanings and the role of place by various age groups, and unfold its social potential through local interventions and events.

- To create cross-disciplinary learning spaces arising from the confluence of the creative design practices, paired with professional and academic ideas, public views and knowledge, as well as youth interpretations of Apla(y)ce capacities.

- To fulfil by the implementation of local A-pla(y)ce actions the generic objectives: contribute to community building, enhance intercultural dialogue, generate links between partners, exploit the capacities of digital technologies, generate capacity building.


- Faculty of architecture website: http://www.fa.uni-lj.si/default.asp?id=1721 

- Faculty of architecture Facebook website https://www.facebook.com/uniljfa/ 

- Prostorož website: https://prostoroz.org/en/ 

- University of Ljubljana: https://www.uni-lj.si/eng/


If you would like to have more information about these placemaking activities, please contact: 


Spela Verovsek 


Maša Cvetko



The activities will be carried out with the participation of: 


Cultural organizations (NGOs)

ProstoRož (artistic mentors) 


Architecture students and faculty

Staff (tutors, researchers and guest critics) and students from the Faculty of Architecture and The Academy of Fine Arts and Design Faculty (both University of Ljubljana) 



Local communities, teachers from local schools, general public