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AGORA at the Afrobanana Festival

The Afrobanana Festival is a vibrant four-day music event attracting throngs of young attendees and boasting a lineup of world-class musicians from across the globe. Urban Gorillas were invited to ins

Posted on 23/12/05

AGORA at the Pame Kaimakli Festival

In 2023, the Pame Kaimakli Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary with the theme "Istories allosFos," translated as "Stories through a Different Light." This year's festival

Posted on 23/12/05

The AGORA, is a mobile structure designed by Urban Gorillas in 2023. It serves as a versatile platform for an array of events. The mobile structure is easily assembled and adaptable to various scenarios. Its primary goal is to invigorate spaces and foster community engagement through arts and participatory activities that enrich democracy. The structure composed of 600 pieces and 180 joins and can be configured in many different formats to act as a cultural driver hosting various activities in different spaces.



Urban Gorillas initiated a series of events using the AGORA as a potent cultural and social catalyst. It graced three significant events: Afrobanana, Pame Kaimakli, and the State Gallery of Contemporary Art. With its adaptable design, the structure is poised to be embraced by diverse organizations for future events, bringing with it a rich tapestry of activities and programs.


Through the various activities, the Agora co-creates with youth and marginalised communities and make a series of events generating innovative, creative expressions of these groups in various public spaces across the island. 

The objectives are attained through a mobile green structure, the 'Agora' that travels to different underutilized urban sites and transforms them into vibrant, inclusive hubs through artistic, cultural and educational activities. At each stop the 'Agora'- forms a ‘living laboratory’: it acts as a platform for free and creative expressions in public space engaging multi-sectoral groups and becomes the ground for the manifestation of youth, marginalised groups, and civil society organisations.





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