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Pame Kaimakli 2023

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Following Kaimakli footsteps

During the festival, a pop-up cinema space was set up in an abandoned shop in the neighborhood to showcase the four Video Interview Stories, a collaborative effort with the informal group People of Cy

Posted on 23/12/05

Stories of Women Activism

A video documentary was presented, capturing moments from workshops organized by Urban Gorillas and guided by Natalia Panagiotou, in collaboration with the women of Kaimakli EKYSY, a retirees' org

Posted on 23/12/05


Pame Kaimakli, launched in 2013 by Kaimakli district residents and Urban Gorillas, has evolved from informal house events into a renowned neighborhood festival, bridging local and global cultures. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the festival has hosted over 200 diverse activities across the neighborhood's traditional houses. These inclusive initiatives foster connections between Kaimakli's social groups and local and international cultural entities while also offering unconventional art experiences. The 2023 theme, "Istories allosfos" (Stories through Different Light), delves into storytelling, unveiling hidden truths and unseen perspectives, encouraging fresh interpretations of history and places through playful narratives.



The A-Place program made a significant contribution to the festival by organizing a series of screenings in diverse pop-up cinema settings, spread across four distinct locations within the Kaimakli neighborhood. These screenings are video documentaries which were made following site research and the collection of community stories.  There were screenings of four video interview stories created in collaboration with People of Cyprus, a workshop and screening of "Stories of Feminist Activists" in partnership with Yiasemin collective, a

The A-Place festival activities also included a pop-up cinema hosted by Urban Visions and TAA Festival in the central square within the Agora: A-place for all installation. This featured film screenings from the Urban Visions Festival in Bologna, curated by Luisa Bravo of City Space Architecture.

Additionally, a tribute to the acclaied artist Glyn Hughes' Legacy was made, screening two documentaries about his life and work and accompanied by a performative painting by Paris Sergiou.

The festival also featured the theatrical play "Seeds" by C. Mannouris, with a community planting action. The pop-up structure, Agora, co-funded by the Commonwealth program MAPS, served as the festival's central space, hosting workshops, theatrical performances, pop-up cinema, curated discussions, and serving as a reception and information space for visitors, as well as a playscape for younger attendees. Community Dialogues were held to reflect on A-Place screenings and discuss the festival's future.


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