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stray plastic


“Stray plastic” offers people the chance to stay in unused "stray space", a space that is no longer used and therefore becomes empty. This can be churches, offices, sheds and many other places. By means of a temporarily formed and quickly movable residence, consisting of a plastic membrane into which air is blown, the previously unused space is given a temporary fill-in. The importance of this action comes from the fact that there is a considerable supply of unused space. It is to counteract this that I design "Stray plastic", a place to stay within " stray-space ". By dealing with space in a nomadic and temporary way, we will be able to deal with vacancy in a meaningful way. Concretely, the place will become a residence, thanks to the movable trolley that compactly contains all the elements needed for living. Like the airco that inflates the plastic membrane like a balloon. The cleaning brush that later becomes the table leg, the iron you can cook on and other elements that contribute to the place of residence. It will be a generous abode, because the unused space will be borrowed by those who need it. This, to me, is the key/formula/prescription to a generous homestay: to deal with space differently and to look at our place in the world in a humble way. An attitude that influences everything we do. Temporary building with air is a reaction to the world of design and architecture. The world where there is always more, more beautiful, bigger and more permanent design. In doing so, I question all these things and create an "anti-architecture" that goes against the rules and where temporariness and the nomadic are central. A place where we question the space/objects used. By staying in a movable interior, there is a possibility to change your attitude towards society.

Winner of the audience award of the A-Place Mapping contest "Share your artwork" 2021

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