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Giulia Gualtieri

Bologna (Italy)

Giulia is an architect and urban development strategist, specialised in human-centred design and planning. She gained her MSc at the IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam in Urban Management and Development. She is also a partner of Huasipchanga, transdisciplinary collective devoted to socio-spatial development through co-creation of solutions with communities and multi-stakeholder approach. Besides, she is also a researcher at Amsterdam University of Applied Science, focused on investigating urban design solutions for more socially and ecologically resilient communities, in times of pandemic.

Giulia excels at engaging in various kind of situations, thanks to her international experiences and chameleonic nature. Empathy is fully part of herself, at the same time the winning card for building a strong network. Her professional goal is to help vulnerable communities by co-creating with them more just and inclusive public space.

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