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Digital platform

This document contains a description of the A-Place website describing the functionalities and interfaces. It has been incrementally developed during the first 18 months of the project, starting with a basic structure and then adding new functionalities which emerged as the project progressed.

The website fulfils two main purposes:

  • as an archive of the work done during the project. Partners can use the information stored in the system to create a knowledge repository, identifying relationships between the activities and outcomes.
  • as communication channel to regularly inform users about the project activities, in conjunction with the social media channels.

The information is structured in accordance with the project work programme and objectives. Partners can login into the back office to introduce contents. The editing of the contents Is undertaken by the project coordinator, La Salle-URL.

In addition to the main website, a separate environment named A-Place : MAPPING has been developed to foster activities which fall outside the original framework of the work programme and to facilitate the involvement of external participants in the project.