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Matevž Juvančič

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Is an architect, a teacher and a researcher at the Faculty of Architecture. His research work was initially focused on architectural education of general public and public participation, specifically dealing with new means of transmitting and communicating space related issues. His research time was dedicated to visualizations and presentations of urban spaces as well as educational architectural tools for general public, their design, use and evaluation. During his teaching, research and practice years, he has become fascinated by anonymous, generic, mundane objects and elements in urban environments as well as more distinct ones, studying their significance in space orientation, space use and spatial character.  His main research focus has recently shifted towards spatial semantics, spatial character in connection with identity issues, and fundamental questions related to what makes the places recognizable and identifiable, or put more simply: why they are as they are, why we recognize them as such and how they came to be. 

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